Punching bag

Your training opponent at home

Boxing bags, also called punching bags, imitate a training opponent and are therefore the ideal training tool for your boxing training at home. Depending on the training goal, punching bags come in different shapes, sizes and fillings. For many boxers, training with a punching bag is essential. But a punching bag is also ideal for stress reduction, weight loss, muscle building or endurance training. Discover the right punching bag for effective boxing training at home.


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Buy a punching bag

A HAMMER punching bag is your partner for regular training. In recent years, boxing has become a popular type of training for workouts at home. Boxing training is ideal for improving your speed, strength and endurance. Our HAMMER punching bags can be used to train different punching variations and kicking combinations. Whether you choose a standing punching bag or a hanging punching bag - a punching bag for your home is a good choice if you want to train regularly. We offer various punching bags made of imitation leather and genuine leather.

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Different types of punching bags

Punching bags (formerly called punching bags) come in different sizes and shapes and they mimic the training partner when boxing at home. For children, sandbags under one metre long are suitable, but depending on the size and training goal, punching bags can also be 180 cm long. The weight is of course determined by the length and filling of the punching bag. HAMMER BOXING punching bags are filled with fabric scraps. The outer skin is made of leather, imitation leather or nylon, which is very durable. The punching bags are attached to the ceiling or a boom arm by means of a rotating chain.

Training on the punching bag

In addition to the professional punching bags, there are also various training bags in the HAMMER online shop. They are shorter and therefore somewhat lighter, the surface material is made of nylon or canvas. Training bags are particularly suitable for boxing training at home.

The HAMMER BOXING Boxsack Sparring , for example, is printed with numbered punching areas, which makes boxing training extra exciting. Various punch combinations can be announced and executed. Reaction and marksmanship are extremely well trained.