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Intensive indoor bike training in the living room

Training in the fast lane with indoor cycling or with the speed bike at home. Indoor bike training is a healthy and effective endurance training with a high fun factor. With the indoor speedbike you train for cycling at home, continuously increase your fitness level and burn calories. The intensity can be determined according to your training goals. Increase your performance and improve your endurance. Experience indoor cycling with the Speedbike in your own four walls.


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Buy an indoor bike

A normal fitness bike is too slow for you and you want more action? Then a speed bike or indoor cycling bike is a great solution for you! With an indoor speed bike, you can bring speed and a racing bike feeling into your home. You can train in any weather and continuously increase your fitness level. Our speedbikes can be used by athletes for preparation as well as by hobby athletes. If you order your speedbike here in our online shop, we will pay the shipping costs for you and offer you free delivery. If you don't like the Speedbike, you can return it to us within 14 days and get your money back.

What is indoor cycling?

Indoor bikes were developed by professional cyclists in the 1970s so that they could continue to train for cycling from home in winter or bad weather. The speed bikes available today are consistent further developments from that time and skilfully get home athletes and professionals alike up to speed. Indoor cycling stands for healthy and effective endurance training.

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Why is indoor cycling training so healthy?

If you pedal hard on a regular basis, you'll start seeing fitness results in a short time. Indoor cycling is the perfect sport for anyone who wants to improve their endurance and strengthen their leg muscles.

This is what cardio training with the indoor bike does for your health:

  • It improves your strength endurance
  • It is easy on your joints
  • It shapes your legs
  • It trains your cardiovascular system
  • It promotes fat burning

What can I train with indoor cycling?

The best training effects are achieved with moderate endurance training lasting about 45 minutes. At this duration, most energy is drawn from fat metabolism, which effectively reduces fat deposits on the body and improves your endurance.

For a short and intense fitness workout, you ride constantly at high resistance or repeatedly set extreme intensity peaks during the workout. The rotating knob allows you to vary the load easily and quickly.

You can find more training tips in our fitness knowledge article: Fitness bikes for the living room.

What makes Speedbike Indoor special?

Indoor cycles come straight from cycling and simulate cycling on the road like no other exercise bike. A large and heavy flywheel ensures a smooth and precise ride. The pedals that run along with the bike ensure that you don't tire out prematurely during your workout, but instead expose yourself to a continuous training stimulus and thus steadily increase your fitness and endurance.

The main features are:

  • High flywheel mass
  • Pedals that travel with the bike
  • Ergonomic design specifically geared towards cycling
  • Flexible adjustment and change of saddle, handlebars and pedals
  • Realistic simulation of cycling on the road

Buying an indoor cycling bike - what to look out for?

When buying indoor bikes you will always come across the following terms:

  • Resistance and braking system
  • Drive
  • Flywheel mass
  • Saddle, handlebars and pedals
  • Training computer and pulse measurement
  • Safety

The resistance and braking system

On most speed bikes, resistance and braking are regulated by a built-in felt shoe brake as standard. The tried and tested braking system can be fine-tuned with ease using an adjustment knob. The resistance is then generated via two robust felt jaws that press on the flywheel from above or from the side. Race bikes with a magnetic brake system are even more professional. The resistance can be adjusted much more precisely and finely and the indoor bike runs much more quietly.

The drive

There are simpler entry-level models with chain drive and higher-quality models with belt drive. The belt drive has the clear advantage that you can exercise almost silently. The belts do not require any maintenance and, unlike chain drives, do not need to be lubricated. All HAMMER and FINNLO speed bikes are equipped with a high-quality belt drive.

The flywheel mass

The flywheel mass of cycle trainers is one of their most important features. Indoor cycles simulate cycling particularly well because large flywheel masses are installed, which ensures a very smooth and joint-friendly rotation, even at high pedalling frequencies. When buying a bike, make sure that the flywheel has a flywheel mass of at least 18 kg. HAMMER bikes, such as the FINNLO Speedbike CRS 2 and FINNLO Speedbike CRT, are equipped with a flywheel mass of 25 kg and have a particularly smooth rotation.

Saddle, handlebar and pedals

Completely flexible adjustment options for saddle and handlebars are important features for indoor bikes. To feel as comfortable on a home bike as on a real bike or racing bike, indoor cycles must be just as adjustable as road bikes. The built-in saddle and handlebars therefore usually already allow adjustment for all conceivable body sizes and leg lengths, so that an ergonomically perfect training position can be set for each individual user. There is therefore no Speedbike men's or women's version. Anyone who is unsure or is particularly short or tall should try out their future indoor cycle in advance in a shop. In addition to the handlebars and saddle supplied and the built-in pedals, proud indoor bike owners have the choice of using their own bike components. The connections for saddle and pedals on speed bikes and racer bikes are identical in construction to those on normal bikes, so clipless pedals or your own favourite saddle can be fitted at any time.

Special attention should be paid to the sheathing of the handlebars. It is important that it is covered with high-quality, sweat-proof foam so that the hands do not slip off even during longer training sessions. In addition, the handlebars should leave room for different grip positions and be stable so that you can train in a sporty "racing posture" as well as in an upright position without worry.

The saddle should be made of very high-quality material and be designed for long rides. By the way, FINNLO by HAMMER only uses premium brand saddles of the Selle Royal brand, which are known for offering the athlete a friction- and chafe-free seat even during longer rides.

The pedals should allow for a secure, stable stand. Since you often put your buttocks up and often train at your limits, optimal power transmission must be ensured and, of course, you must not slip.

Training computer and pulse measurement

Classic indoor bikes usually concentrate on the essentials: The athlete should be given an almost meditative training opportunity, analogous to racing, and consolidate his or her endurance with more or less constant resistance per unit. All important data for the cyclist, such as time, distance and speed, can of course be read off. Race bikes with eddy current brakes often offer additional training programmes that can also be pulse-controlled. Pulse measurement can easily be done via a heart rate monitor or chest strap and is an important accessory for bike training, as you can sometimes reach your limit during high-frequency training, for example, and a glance at the heart rate monitor quickly reveals when it is time to slow down. A possible wireless connection between the heart rate monitor or chest strap and the training computer is also a nice extra.


Because indoor cycling is intentionally free-wheeling, an emergency brake is an important safety factor. The emergency brake must be within direct reach and quick to apply. An emergency brake becomes an important helper when you need to bring the flywheel to a stop quickly or you accidentally slip off the pedal.

HAMMER expert advice

Would you like to buy an indoor bike? Our service team, consisting of state-certified fitness trainers and experienced product consultants, will be happy to advise you! We look forward to your call (0+731 974 88-518).