Rowing machine

The unique combination of cardio and strength workout

No other fitness equipment combines endurance and strength training in a highly effective way like a rowing machine. The resistance can be individually adjusted depending on your fitness level and rowing training goal. Rowing effectively trains your leg and back muscles. At the same time, you strengthen your cardiovascular system with the popular rowing machine. Get fit and toned in no time with the rowing machine. Start your varied workout with a rowing machine at home.


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Buy rowing machine

A rower or rowing machine is the ideal total body exerciser to train your strength and endurance at the same time. Unlike other fitness equipment, a rowing machine works about 80% of your entire body muscles. Your leg and back muscles are used the most. At the same time, the endurance training on the rowing machine strengthens your cardiovascular system and improves your fitness. Specially developed resistances, such as the water resistance of a water rower, ensure a perfect motion sequence and authentic rowing as if you were on the water.

Buy a rowing machine and pay no shipping costs. The shipping is free of charge for you, because as a manufacturer we take over the shipping costs for you. Buying a rowing machine is easy and risk-free: If you don't like the rowing machine, you can return it to us within 14 days and get your money back.

Why should I buy a rowing machine?

The perfect piece of sports equipment for the home, a rowing machine provides a healthy workout for the whole body without putting strain on the joints. Rowing is one of the healthiest sports. It uses and trains all the main muscle groups such as arm, leg, shoulder and back muscles. At the same time, you also train your endurance and strengthen your cardiovascular system with the rowing machine. Endurance and strength can be optimally promoted and strengthened with a rowing machine. Rowing is suitable for young and old, as it is gentler on the joints than jogging and more efficient than a cross trainer.

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Buy an exercise bike, cross trainer or rowing machine: Which exercise machine do I need?

Should I buy an exercise bike or a cross trainer? Or a rowing machine? Which of these endurance training machines is perfect for me at home? What is the difference between an exercise bike, cross trainer or rowing machine? We compare:

Exercise bike or home trainer

With the Exercise bike you can get fit and increase your endurance from home. The motion sequence on the exercise bike can be compared to riding a bicycle. With an exercise bike you train your endurance and your leg muscles are strengthened.

Cross trainer

A Crosstrainer is a popular piece of home fitness equipment that mimics the motion of active walking or jogging at home. The movement of a cross trainer trains your leg, arm, shoulder and chest muscles and you also improve your endurance. Because more muscle groups are targeted, training on a cross trainer guarantees fat burning.

Rowing machine

A rowing machine is a combination of endurance and strength training and therefore an effective and unique training device. Your stamina and fitness improve sustainably and at the same time you train the muscles in your back, buttocks, abdomen, legs, arms and shoulders. The training on the rowing machine guarantees an effective and intensive whole-body workout. The rowing resistance can be adjusted manually so that beginners as well as advanced rowers can row individually on the rowing machine.

Water rower

A Water rower is similar to a rowing machine in the way it moves. The two devices differ in the braking system, which is defined in more detail later in the text. A water rower works with a paddle in a water-filled container as a resistance system. At the same time, this rowing machine simulates real rowing as if on water.

What are the physical benefits of regularly exercising on a rowing machine?

The sport of rowing combines strength and endurance training in a unique way. If you row correctly on the rowing machine, you benefit from a healthy workout for the whole body. Training on the rowing machine

  • improves endurance and fitness
  • strengthens the cardiovascular system.
  • trains the main muscle groups throughout the body.
  • is easy on the joints.
  • is unique in its combination of endurance and strength.

The movement of rowing is gentle and uses the muscles in a complex way. Ideal for the entire body. Correct rowing technique and a controlled sequence of movements on the rowing machine are important. If you row correctly, you will sustainably increase endurance and muscles in equal measure.

Active rowers see their favourite sport as fulfilling the characteristics and requirements of modern life: Balance, coordination, calmness, strength, endurance, team spirit and concentration. The simultaneous training of endurance and strength, the strengthening of the cardiovascular system and the involvement of an above-average number of muscle groups make rowing unique from a health perspective. The dynamic movements use 90 percent of the entire muscles in the body. This means that you can burn a lot of calories per hour on a rowing machine. With a high-quality rowing machine, you can be sure of increasing your fitness and basal metabolic rate.

Which muscles are trained when rowingWhich muscles are trained when rowing

Which muscles are exercised when you roll?

You use 70 per cent of your leg muscles when you sit on the wheelchair. The core muscles are also strengthened on the rowing machine. A strong back, strong shoulders, trained arms and equally strong leg muscles lead to an increased sense of well-being. You benefit from a better posture and higher performance.

The muscle groups trained with the rowing machine are:

  • Back muscles
  • Gluteal muscles
  • Abdominal muscles
  • Leg muscles
  • Arm and shoulder muscles

Is a rowing machine suitable for weight loss?

Regular exercise with a rowing machine improves your endurance, burns calories and builds muscle. The more muscles you have, the more energy your body uses. And it does so even when you are at rest. This increases your basal metabolic rate and the pounds start to fall off. In the long term, a rowing machine is ideal for losing weight.

When is a rowing machine recommended?

A rowing machine is particularly recommended if you want to strengthen your back muscles and cardiovascular system. The entire supporting musculature of the spine is also strengthened and training with the rowing machine is very easy on the joints. The knee joints are particularly protected during rowing training, as your own body weight is shifted to the seat. A rowing machine is therefore ideal for prevention and health. If you suffer from back problems or even a slipped disc or other complaints, be sure to consult your doctor before rowing.

Recommendation for a rowing machine for beginners

The rowing machine Cobra is a good rowing machine for beginners to holistic training. Those who know rowing from water sports will feel reminded of that time with the three-dimensional movement of the outrigger arms. A practical alternative with little space in your own four walls is the foldable Cobra XTR Plus Rowing machine with pull rope system. Beginners in particular will find it easy to get started with these rowing machines with the pre-set cable pull movement.

Recommendation for an advanced rowing machine

The high-quality classic for healthy sports is the FINNLO rowing machine Aquon Evolution . The test winner convinces with automatic resistance adjustment and the combination of air resistance and magnetic braking. The rowing machine can be easily assembled and disassembled with the integrated transport wheels and the folding mechanism and stored in the home to save space.

Recommendation for a professional rowing machine

The FINNLO rowing machine Aquon Pro Plus is the bestseller in the professional sector and perfectly simulates the rowing movement. Professional athletes complete their dry sessions with this rowing machine. The highest quality of workmanship combined with extensive equipment details make the rowing machine one of the premium models on the market.

The right rowing machine - pedal spacing, braking systems, cable pull or outrigger

If you would like to buy a rowing machine, you will find a selection of machines for beginners through to rowing machines for professional and competitive sports. Which rowing machine is right for you depends on various factors such as pedal spacing, braking system and your own fitness goals.

Pedal spacing and braking system

The pedal spacing determines how realistic rowing on water and the training ergonomics are. The has a professional pedal distance of only 9 cm. The German professional rowers Maximilian Reinelt and Urs Käufer complete their dry sessions on this machine. In general, you can distinguish between 4 different braking systems for rowing machines, which are explained further down in the text.

Cable or outrigger

The rowing machine Cobra simulates the typical rowing movements realistically with the help of the extension arms. Hydraulic cylinders are used to continuously adjust the resistance on the rowing machine. However, most rowing machines are equipped with a cable pull. This means that the resistance is connected to the handle with a chain or strap.

Which resistance system is best for a rowing machine?

Currently, there are four different resistance systems on a rower: Hydraulic cylinder, magnetic brake system or eddy current brake, air resistance, or water resistance system. Rowing machines with cable or chain use solenoid, air, or water resistance systems.

Hydraulic cylinder

On rowing machines with outriggers, the resistance is regulated by hydraulic cylinders. A hydraulic resistance usually does not run as smoothly as other systems, but it is possible to set a very high resistance for even more intensive training on the rowing machine. Rowing machines with magnetic, air or water resistance run much smoother and quieter.

Magnetic brake system

Either an electric magnet or a normal magnet is used. With the latter, the distance between the flywheel and the magnet determines the strength of the resistance. The great advantage of magnetic braking systems in rowing machines is that no noise is generated. So they are perfect for rented flats.

Air resistance

A rowing machine with air resistance is very popular with professional rowers. As you pull, air is sucked into the turbine. The more air that gets into the turbine, the stronger the resistance. The harder and faster you pull the cable, the harder the resistance.

Water resistance

Water rowing machines have a water canister in which there is a paddle. This paddle provides the resistance in the rower. As with air resistance, the faster you move, the greater the resistance. This and the sound of the water simulate rowing on water well with this resistance system.

Why do I need a training computer on the rowing machine?

A good quality rower should have a training computer that displays the most important data for your workout: stroke count, total strokes and time. With this important data on your rower's training computer, you can monitor your training session very closely. The training computer is usually within easy reach of your seat position so that you can keep track of the most important data during your rowing workout. Higher-quality rowing machines with training computers offer different programmes and other extras such as heart rate measurement. With different interval training programmes you can keep your rowing training varied and stay motivated. Monitoring your heart rate or pulse on the training computer is important because it allows you to manually adjust your training and protects you from overexertion on the rowing machine.

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How do I measure my pulse when training on the rowing machine?

Your pulse tells you how intensively you can train and when you have reached your limit. You can use a chest strap to monitor your heart rate and pulse during rowing training. The data is permanently transmitted to the training computer of your rowing machine (also possible wirelessly via Bluetooth). The continuous measurement of your heart rate supports you in achieving your desired training goals. Whether high-intensity interval training or moderate health training.

Rowing machine training - How do I train properly?

For indoor rowing training, the rowing machine is an effective training tool for increasing strength and endurance. The rowing technique corresponds to the motion sequence in a rowing boat. You can choose between rowing machines with outriggers for three-dimensional movements or rowing machines with cable pulls. Have your technique checked by an experienced coach. If you train technically correctly, the rowing machine is the perfect training tool for your home.

The rowing machine movement sequence

Sit on the rowing machine and place your feet on the footrest with the provided attachment. Then grasp the handle of the cable pull with your hands. In the starting position bend the hip, knee and ankle joints. Your upper body is almost resting on your thighs and your lower legs are vertical. Stretch your arms forward.

With the stretching of the legs the next phase of movement begins, the pull-through. During the continuous leg push, your shoulders and upper body move towards the back. Once the hands are at the level of the knees, begin to bend the arms. In the final position of the recline, extend both legs without pushing the knees through. Stabilise the upper body in a slight supine position. Pull the handles up to the lower ribs and bring the elbows close to the body. The pulling phase ends and you stretch your arms forward again to the level of your knees. From the supine position your upper body follows this movement fluidly. Begin the pre-roll when the upper body is upright. A mirror at your side helps you to check your posture. Make sure you always sit up straight when rowing. For step-by-step instructions on how to row correctly on the rowing machine, see the Fitness Knowledge article Rowing in the Living Room.

Buying a rowing machine: What should I look for?

To find out which rower is best for you, you should know your exercise goals. Rowing machines are available in different models, so you can do rowing on different types of rowing machines, from beginner to competitive. If you will be rowing on a rowing machine in a smaller space, you should consider a foldable rowing machine. The guest article How to find the right rowing machine explains the differences between rowing machines in detail. These 5 criteria will help you when buying a rowing machine:

Resistance system of the rowing machine

A workout that is easy on the joints is possible with all resistance systems. It doesn't matter whether you choose a hydraulic, magnetic, air or water resistance system. Test the different resistance systems in your local HAMMER store to make your choice easier.

Training computer

The training computer is within easy reach of your sitting position on the rowing machine. At the same time, an easy-to-read display is important so that you always have an overview of the most important data while rowing.

Training programmes

With different interval training programmes you can add variety to your rowing training. This keeps you motivated and keeps rowing exciting. Try out the different training programmes of the rowing machines and find out which one suits you best.

Pulse measurement during rowing

Your pulse gives you information about your current workload and shows you when you have reached your limit. When buying a rowing machine, make sure that a chest strap is available as an option, which transmits the most important data wirelessly to your rowing machine.

Foldable rower

A rowing machine needs space. Particularly in terms of length, the machine requires more space. Consider in advance whether your rowing machine will be put away at home or whether you have the space for the rowing machine at your disposal. Foldable rowing machines are ideal for space-saving storage after training.

Folding rowing machineFolding rowing machine

Rowing in prevention and rehabilitation - moderate whole-body training with the rowing machine


Doctors recommend moderate circulatory training for diabetes, cardiac arrhythmias or high blood pressure. For a long time, the recommendation was for pure endurance sports. In the meantime, it has been recognised that moderate strength training clearly has positive effects and sustainably promotes the performance of those affected. However, you should talk to your family doctor first. Rowing on the Rower, with its rounded motion, no sudden peaks of exertion and the infinitely variable adjustment of resistance, is one of the ideal sports for prevention and rehabilitation.

Beginners will find the HAMMER Cobra XTR a rowing machine for health sports. Outdoors, the rower glides through the water with rhythmic movements, elegantly and silently. As long as the water surfaces are not iced over, rowing ideally combines fitness and health sport with wonderful nature experiences. For the cold season and regular training at home, a rowing machine for the home is the ideal solution. A foldable rowing machine is also practical and can be stored away quickly.

The rowing ergometer in competitive sports

To assess the performance of athletes, coaches and sports physicians have been using rowing ergometers since the late 1970s. The step test, for example, is common: The coach sets a certain resistance on the ergometer, the athlete then works on the rower for three minutes and maintains a pre-set wattage. The training computer displays this. After three minutes, the assistant draws blood from the earlobe, the resistance is increased and the next three minutes are started. The trainer continues this process until exhaustion. The subsequent evaluation of the lactate in the blood should provide information about the endurance performance.

The lactate in the blood is still used today as a diagnostic parameter. It should be noted that the evaluation of the function of lactate is changing. In the past, the substance was considered a key factor in muscular fatigue, but today lactic acid is regarded as an important metabolic metabolite. This means that lactate supports transport between cells, organs and tissues. Scientists are increasingly sceptical about its informative value; a single parameter is not sufficient to sound out potential for improvement.

You are at home in competitive sports and want to buy a rowing ergometer? Then the Augletics rowing machines offer a special highlight. The Augletics Eight are rowing ergometers in a class of their own and with the help of the Virtual Coach on the touch display of the training computer, you can take your rowing training to a new level.

Care and maintenance of the rowing machine


In general, you should give your rower a quick clean after each workout. Wipe the seat and cable with a damp cloth to remove sweat. You should regularly check your pull unit and seat rollers and clean the rails to prevent wear and tear. For water rowers, you should regularly clean the water tank.

The right accessories for your rowing machine


Additional equipment helps you to make your rowing workout even more varied and to maintain your rowing machine at home.

Floor protection mat

A Floor Protection Mat is ideal for protecting your floor. At the same time, the floor protection mat is also suitable for cushioning and noise reduction.

Chest strap Heart rate monitor

During an intensive rowing workout you should not forget your pulse. For example, connect the Polar Chest Strap Heart Rate Monitor to your rowing machine and you will always have your pulse and heart rate in view on the training computer.

Tablet holder

The Tablet holder can be quickly mounted on your rowing machine. The solid construction ensures that your end device cannot move during the workout. You can also place your smartphone on the lower holder.

Chlorine tablets

With Chlorine tablets you can optimally care for your water rowing machine. Put a tablet in the water tank of your water rower once a year and the tank will be freed from deposits, limescale and residues.

Test and buy a rowing machine at your local HAMMER store


We support you in choosing your rowing machine for home use. The right rowing machine for your sport at home depends on your individual needs, training goals and wishes. Use the rowing machine expert telephone and get detailed advice from our experienced staff. Alternatively, the HAMMER store is the perfect place to take a closer look at the different rowing machines in person. Our expert staff will introduce you to the different rowing machines and explain the features. Visit us in sportswear and try out the rowing machines directly.

HAMMER expert telephone: +49 731 974 88-518 (Mo - Sa from 9 am - 7 pm). We will also be happy to call you back!

Look forward to the drastic increase in your fitness through training with your rowing machine! Regular workouts tone your muscles, improve your posture and prevent musculoskeletal complaints.