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Crosstrainers, ergometers, exercise bikes, treadmills, rowing machines and power stations of the FINNLO brand stand for innovative and high-quality training equipment in the cardio and strength area. You will also find abdominal and back trainers, dumbbells, bars, weights and small fitness equipment in the FINNLO range. The FINNLO brand uses the latest technologies and places the highest demands on quality, technology and design. Discover your new training equipment by FINNLO.


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    Autark 2200
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    Barbell Rack
    Special Price €299.00 Regular Price €399.00
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    Special Price €799.00 Regular Price €1,199.00
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    E-Glide SR
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  6. Product Image
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    Fly RX
  7. Product Image
    Special Price €149.00 Regular Price €199.95
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    CleverFold CF70 BT
    Special Price €599.00 Regular Price €999.00
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    Bio Force
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    Autark 6800
  11. Product Image
    Special Price €799.00 Regular Price €899.00
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    Autark 2600
  13. Product Image
    Autark 6600
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    Alpine BT
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    Excersice Station Set
    Special Price €499.00 Regular Price €699.00
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    kinomap image
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    Aquon Water Glide
    Special Price €999.00 Regular Price €1,399.00
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    Loxon XTR BT
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    CleverFold EF90 BT
    Special Price €799.00 Regular Price €1,299.00
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    Autark 2500
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    Ab&Back Trainer
    Special Price €249.00 Regular Price €349.95
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    Live! Cycling ILC
    Special Price €399.00 Regular Price €999.00
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    Autark 1500
    Special Price €1,449.00 Regular Price €1,799.00
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    Incline Bench
    Special Price €299.00 Regular Price €399.00
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    Autark 600
  27. Product Image
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    Aquon Pro Plus
    Special Price €999.00 Regular Price €1,599.00
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    Endurance BT
    Special Price €1,599.00 Regular Price €1,999.00
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    kinomap image zwift image
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    V crank
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    As low as €699.00
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    EZ Curl Bar (Ø 30 mm)
    Currently sold out
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    Puzzle Floor Mat
    Currently sold out
  36. Product Image
    Special Price €299.00 Regular Price €499.00
    Currently sold out
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    Floor Mat Wood Look (puzzle mat)
    Currently sold out
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    MED 3.0
    Currently sold out
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The brand FINNLO by HAMMER offers high-quality cardio equipment and power stations as well as small equipment. Suitable cross trainers, ergometers, exercise bikes, treadmills and rowing machines can be found for every demand. In the strength sector, the AUTARK strength stations score with their functionality and high quality of workmanship.

FINNLO by HAMMER uses the latest fitness ideas and technologies. For example, instead of conventional weights, the training resistance of the BIO FORCE power station is generated by nitrogen-filled cylinders. These work extremely quietly and evenly and are also much lighter than iron weights.